Mama Building 401, 1-15-20, Mama, Ichikawa, Chiba, 272-0826 / View on Google Maps

(Walking) 3 min. from Ichikawamama Station (Keisei Line); 8 min. from Ichikawa Station (JR)
To find our office, cross the rail-line, continue past Seven Eleven, Bakukasai (Chinese restaurant), and Hosaka Homing. Penguin Translation is on the 4th floor of the building next to the small parking lot.

Our office is located in the Ichikawamama shopping precinct, an area with unique stores and enjoying fresh air from the Edo River.

We hold various events, including English conversation classes, foreign language lessons, and tutoring in our cozy office overlooking beautiful views of black pine trees.

Penguin Creation is the creative project team developing various projects and incorporating ideas and skills to provide sustainable solutions tailored to people's needs.
We convey and spread the 'seeds' of creativity, allowing them to bloom as a 'new dialogue' throughout the world.

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